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Appointment Request

Please choose a type of encounter below. If you choose a Telemedicine encounter, we will send you instructions on how to join the video conference.

Please be advised that Dr. Robinson retired in Dec, 2020; however, Dr. Adam Parker, Dr. Megan Parker, and Dr. Amanda Lindsey are available for appointments.


In order to use your vision insurance for this exam, EyeMed now requires most EyeMed-paying exams to be vision-related only. If you 1) have medical complaints that need to be addressed during your exam 2) significant medical issues arise during your vision exam or 3) you have known medical issues that must be addressed (including but not limited to: diabetes, cataracts, itchy and/or red eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma, retinal neoplasm, etc), your appointment will be billed only to your medical insurance on the day of your visit and a 2nd "vision" appointment will need to be made - OR - you may choose to have both the medical exam and refraction done at the the same visit. If you choose to do both on same day, you will need to pay the refraction fee upfront and consider requesting reimbursement from EyeMed.  This is a result of EyeMed's policies - not ours! Other vision insurances such as VSP make it easy for patients with medical issues to have both the medical exam and refraction done on the same day. We recommend you consider this when choosing a new vision insurance.

Eye Emergency?

ESTABLISHED PATIENTS ONLY: If you have a true ocular emergency after hours please call 804-595-2020 and follow the prompts to contact a doctor. If the doctor cannot respond in a timely manner, please find the nearest emergency room.

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