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Appointment Request

Please choose a type of encounter below. If you choose a Telemedicine encounter, we will send you instructions on how to join the video conference.

Please understand this is not a booking service! You will be contacted by our office to confirm or find alternative appointment slot.
We only contract with VSP, EyeMed, and Spectera for common visual diagnoses; however, you can still see one of our doctors and request reimbursement from one of the other vision discount plans using this link (opens in new tab). Please understand that vision discount plans MAY NOT be eligible to cover your exam if you have medical complaints OR if there is a significant unknown medical issue found during your exam that must be addressed by the doctor. Please contact our office for more information if you are confused.
All medical complaints (floating spots, itchy eyes, eye pain, eyelid bumps, headaches, etc) must be billed to medical insurance - not to a vision discount plan.

Office Hours

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