Common Eye Problems

Up to 80+% of all primary eye care examinations are performed by Optometrists; therefore, we are specially trained to detect and treat almost all eye conditions.

Eye problems that we can typically manage over TeleMedicine:

  • red or "pink" eyes
  • itchy, allergy eyes
  • watery or non-painful 'sticky' eyes
  • dry eyes
  • blepharitis and demodex
  • styes
  • painful lids

Issues that will probably require an in-office exam:

  • foreign body removal
  • flashes and floaters
  • corneal abrasion
  • contusions and blunt trauma
  • eye or ocular pain
  • blurry or missing vision
  • migraine aura or visual distortions

Eye Emergency?

ESTABLISHED PATIENTS ONLY: If you have a true ocular emergency after hours please call 804-595-2020 and follow the prompts to contact a doctor. If the doctor cannot respond in a timely manner, please find the nearest emergency room.

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