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How we are keeping you safe

Dear Friends and Family,


We hope this letter finds you healthy, happy and prepared to ease back into your regular routines.

1) Face coverings are now only recommended. Your provider will most likely still be wearing a mask due to the number of patients he/she sees in a day/week.

2) Our forms and paper work are now online. Practically every form and signature required of you will be pushed to new online forms that will be completed before your arrival. Forms will be emailed to you ahead of time.

Thank you for your continued support, it is truly appreciated!

Midlothian Eye Care

What's New

  • All paperwork is now online
  • Face coverings are only recommended

Face Masks

At this time, face coverings are only recommended; however, your provider will most likely be wearing a mask per CDC recommendations.

Recent studies have shown that wearing a mask helps reduce the transmission of airborne diseases up to 85% (including cold, flu, or covid)


Every commonly-touched object in the office is manually disinfected using CDC-recommended methods.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is recommendded in the office if the space is available.

Online Paperwork

By utlizing online paperwork, our office improves your experience by:

  • reducing your time in the office by as much as half
  • eliminating sharing of paper and pens in the office
  • making us more efficient


Telemedicine is an option for those ocular probelms that may not require an in-office visit.

If you feel you have an eye problemthat can be addressed over telemedicine, please request the appropriate appointment.


  • itchy eyes
  • red eyes
  • watery eyes
  • eyelid styes