How we are keeping you safe

Face Masks

Until further notice, all patients and staff will wear a face mask in the office.

We know this is annoying, but it is for the protection of both you the patient, our staff, and our community.

Recent studies have shown that wearing a mask helps reduce the transmission of airborne diseases up to 85%.


Every commonly-touched object in the office is manually disinfected using CDC-recommended methods twice a day.

Unfortunately, we have had to remove such items from the office as:

  • magazines
  • coffee station (sorry!)
  • pens (if you need one, you can keep it)
  • any other "shareable" item

Social Distancing

We have implemented new protocols in the office to ensure that no 2 patients are in the same 6 foot air space at any time.

Also, our staff will maintain social distancing as often as physically possible depending on the procedure being performed.

UV-C Disinfection

Any non-porous, shareable item in the office is sterilized using a UV-C chamber built by Dr. Parker. This will inactivate any single-stranded RNA virus (such as coronavirus) in only 12 seconds. We leave things in there longer though just to be sure. At 2 minutes, this chamber will even kill C-Diff.

We use this chamber to safely sanitize:

  • frames
  • occluders
  • near point cards
  • any other non-porous item

Ask if we can sanitize your phone while you wait!

Ozone Disinfection

Periodically, we run an ozone generator throughout the office (while there are no occupants) either overnight or over the weekend.The ozone safely dissipates to undetectable levels by morning.

Ozone is a very strong oxidant and virucide. The mechanisms of disinfection is direct oxidation/destruction of the cell wall.

Wel also use this device in a large tote to safely disinfect porous items in the office such as blood pressure cuffs, face masks, or any other device that has a porous material.

UV-C Whole-Room Disinfection

Periodically we will run a high-wattage UV-C lamp in a room that has many pieces of equipment that is commonly used. UV-C lamps put out a narrow band of UV light at 254nm which is the wavelength that breaks apart DNA and RNA. This inactivates viruses in a very short time. In fact, a 75W bulb will completely inactivate all viruses in a 10x10x10 room in only 16 minutes. This is only done after hours and cannot be detected afterwards. Do not ever look at a UV-C bulb! We use a remote switch to turn the bulb on and off safely.

Online Paperwork

By utlizing online paperwork, our office improves your experience by:

  • reducing your time in the office by as much as half
  • eliminating sharing of paper and pens in the office
  • making us more efficient


Telemedicine is now an option for those ocular probelms that may not require an in-office visit.

If you feel you have an eye problemthat can be addressed over telemedicine, please request the appropriate appointment.


  • itchy eyes
  • red eyes
  • watery eyes
  • eyelid styes

Eye Emergency?

If you have a true ocular emergency after hours please call 804-595-2020 and follow the prompts to contact a doctor. If the doctor cannot respond in a timely manner, please find the nearest emergency room.